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What about Historical Data

We get asked this a lot!

The big question is; How will we get your old Service Records online? The simple answer is; With a lot of work and it wont be easy!

Now a drum roll please... here is the long answer.

Most mechanical, paint & panel, auto electrical, and other workshops use computerised invoicing or workshop management software. We have been busily chasing the developers of that software asking them to include support for us via a simple SQL Module. When a workshop becomes a participating workshop they simply "turn on" their NVSR option. Any data they have for a vehicle is then uploaded and added to our data base.

What this means in reality is that once a workshop has joined our family information they have for previous servicing will be sent to us automatically. Even if your vehicle has been serviced at other workshops, once the others join us their historical data will be added. Over a short period of time we will collect previous histories for your boats, cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more.

Right from the start we knew that historical data would be a stumbling block but believe that our plan of action will take care of it. To quote a famous television advertisement (for hair loss treatment) "it won't happen overnight, but it will happen".

This is by far the most common question we're asked! People believe that the National Vehicle Service Register is only useful from the day we begin, but you now know that we are useful for an entire Service History.

How do we get software developers to include support? Well, first of all we pay them! More importantly, to remain competitive they must include support or workshops will move to other packages that do offer support.

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