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Fuel Injectors are often overlooked

During normal servicing your mechanic is likely to change your oil, oil filter, check your brakes, coolant, and perhaps a few other items. But... in general most do nothing to your Fuel Injectors despite the fact they are a vital component and contribute enormously to your fuel efficiency and power. They're an easy item to check and replace if required.

What do Injectors do and what changes in them?

Injectors carefully meter the amount of fuel that goes into your combustion chamber and atomise it which allows for a good and even burn. Over time fine particles of dust, dirt, and other contaminants build up at the exit-point of the Injector causing atomisation to fail. If the fuel goes into your engine without being completely atomised it doesn't burn as it should and creates a rough idle and inefficient running. In addition, hot-spots form within the combustion chamber on the cylinder wall or tops of piston heads.

When fuel is not completely atomised your engine runs less efficiently, uses more fuel and produces less power. Ultimately, your injector will block and the engine will run like a bag of "something not nice".

What contributes to poor Injector performance

Low quality or dirty fuel will often lead to Injector failure, by using good quality fuel - particularly with a high Octane such as 95 or better you will increase the life of your Injectors. Replace your Fuel Filter often and have the Fuel Rail Pressure checked every now and then.

Replace them, they're not difficult

The best course of action, every 80,000 to 100,000 Kilometres is to replace them. You won't believe the difference in power output and fuel efficiency. They are not difficult to do because there is often next-to-nothing holding them in. In most cases, unbolt the Fuel Rail and the Injectors will just fall out. They aren't expensive either, considering the performance increase you will get.

Happy and efficient motoring.

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